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MyCase is a client portal that allows our clients to stay connected with Brown & Associates, PLLC 24 hours per day. On the portal, you can access your calendar to view upcoming hearings, appointments, mediations, and other events. You can also review documents that we have uploaded and upload your own documents for our legal team to review. You will also be able to review invoices, send/receive messages, and send/receive comment on documents. 

You can also add as many other users to the client portal as you like. If you want to give access to your case file to a family member or business associate, we can set them up with an account. You can also download all documents to your personal computer for safekeeping which eliminates paper clutter and the likelihood that your paperwork will be intercepted by prying eyes.

The client portal is:

  • Fully browser-based: designed for use on any screen size—smartphone, tablet, or desktop
  • Easier to navigate: clients can get important tasks done faster
  • Visually Redesigned: new, modern user interface

If you have any questions regarding access to or use of mycase, please contact our office.

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