We handle day-to-day legal matters, as on-demand business attorneys, at a fraction of the cost of hiring full-time general counsel or relying exclusively on law firm counsel.

We offer:


  • General Business Services

  • Services for companies without in-house legal counsel

  • Services for companies with in-house legal counsel

  • Commercial litigation

Efficient and Dependable Project Management

Project management helps our firm fulfill this broader role because it engenders more effective planning, cost control, resource allocation and risk management. All of our cases are assigned a full time project manager as well as an attorney and other support staff to make sure cases are handled as efficiently and successfully as possible. This includes offering creative solutions for resolving your legal matter as well as creating a fee structure that suits your needs. Contact Alicia Mercer, Legal Project Manager for more information.

Serving Businesses

Business Practice Areas

General Business Services

Let us develop intimate knowledge of your business, allowing us to develop trust relationships with key individuals and serve you in the following areas: ​​ Negotiating and drafting contracts

  • Software/technology/license agreements
  • Contract research and development agreements, clinical trial agreements, product commercialization agreements
  • Professional services agreements
  • Development/outsourcing agreements
  • Early-stage and follow on venture financing​
Negotiating, drafting, and reviewing leases
  • Real estate
  • Equipment

Handling employment matters
  • Offer letters and employment agreements
  • Severance agreements
  • Employee handbooks

Commercial Litigation

As successful commercial litigators, B&A is able to assess the merits of a dispute and scale either a prosecution or defense that fits the legal and business needs of the client. We leverage efficiency, creativity, and sound judgment to intelligently position these disputes, whether they are “bet-the-company” cases or more discrete matters. In addition, while all cases must be litigated with an eye toward ultimately trying them, we understand that at all times we must strive to achieve the best possible result at a reasonable cost.

We will work with you to develop and implement a creative legal approach to each individual problem, efficiently focus on the key legal and factual issues, and master and manage the various aspects of these complex matters, including:

  • Breach of contract cases
  • Partnership/joint venture disputes
  • Business torts
  • Civil RICO claims
  • Breach of fiduciary duty allegations
  • Shareholder issues.

Supporting In-House Counsel Services

When your in-house counsel becomes overwhelmed by a large deal, or because the business simply is growing beyond your existing capacity, we are here to complement your organizational needs.

We provide senior business lawyers to handle your overflow work on an as-needed basis at a fraction of the cost of law firm rates. You can hire us to be available on a regular basis, as a part-time extension of your in-house team, or you can count on us to help sporadically, at such times as the end of the quarter, or when other projects have stretched your internal resources.
We manage special projects and day-to-day legal needs including:

  • Contracts
  • Employee matters
  • Leases
  • IP protection
  • Pre-litigation dispute resolution
  • Acquisition due diligence

We'll help you keep your legal budget under control while maintaining the excellence you demand of your in-house legal group. Contact us to learn how we can supplement your in-house legal counsel.

General Counsel Services (On-Demand)

At B&A, we believe that an attorney should be a key business advisor, not just a legal technician. We provide a business-focused and practical approach to problem solving. We use our considerable business experience to provide our clients with proactive legal risk management, helping avoid problems before they arise.
We help growing companies:

  • Speed time to closure on important business deals
  • Identify and creatively solve business issues
  • Avoid the financial burden of full-time legal staff
We will be available to your team as needed. And being available doesn't mean exorbitant legal expenses, because our fees are a fraction of those of the large law firms. When we participate as corporate counsel in meetings about a new business development deal or product plan, you get the benefit of proactive legal advice without worrying about the clock ticking in the background.
Virtually all of our clients utilize traditional law firm counsel for their large M&A and financing transactions, SEC filings, and other highly specialized work. We do not generally replace law firm counsel. Rather, we supplement their services by handling day-to-day legal matters in a much more efficient and cost-effective manner.
Contact Us to speak to someone about our part time outside legal counsel.