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Exceptional Representation

Founded in 2000, Brown & Associates, PLLC has been providing the Charlotte area with unparalleled legal services. Our legal team will walk you through each step of your case, taking care of any questions you may have along the way. With Brown & Associates, PLLC, you will feel comfortable, safe, and confident. Get in touch with us today — we look forward to hearing from you.

Listed below are some of the obvious benefits of working with Brown & Associates, PLLC:


We have superior flexibility on fee structures. Because we have lean staffing, there's no complex hierarchy that has to approve fee structures and we can be very creative with alternative fee arrangements when appropriate. We have lower overhead - a savings that we can pass on to our clients. The overhead between large firms and small firms can exceed $50,000 per year. It’s a big difference, and a difference that provides value only for BigLaw, not for its clients.


There’s only one or two offices rather than many of them. Do clients benefit from a firm’s presence in Munich? Beijing? Some may, but most don’t, and it is a virtual certainty that other clients have to pay for their existence. Small provides better insight into business risk. Small firm lawyers are businesspersons, whereas few BigLaw lawyers ever get near an income statement, let alone have profit and loss responsibility. The insights you get as a result of profit and loss experience influence your practice.


Another advantage is the ability collaborate with others who provide superior value on component pieces of what you do. The best illustration is document review in larger lawsuits. We are talking about hundreds of thousands and sometimes millions of documents. Large law firms love document review. It enables them to bring in their high-priced associates to do process-focused work at a high hourly rate. Small firms do not want or need to carry the capacity to do document review. There are many entities that focus on document review that do a superior job at a vastly lower cost. Teaming up with legal vendors that specialize in it allows us to present you with a superior work product at a lower price. It is great for you, the client, and a strong selling point for our firm.


Many other benefits are associated with being nimble. We don't need permission from a committee to do something we think is right for a client. There are no sign-offs from managing partners who are never around. We answer to no upper management and the speed of decision making is more efficient. When you look at the way our firm operates compared to larger firms in our area, you will be able to develop a long list of “better, cheaper, faster” items that make us stand out by comparison.


In the “olden days,” as kids now refer to the 1980s, large firms were important to clients. They had libraries and body count, both of which were critical to handling large cases. Today, technology ensures that every firm has access to the same information, and lean, focused teams provide a more efficient and generally more effective approach to most day-to-day legal work—and at a much lower price.

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