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Finding Solutions for Your Toughest Legal Challenges

Practice Areas

  • Business Law

  • General Counsel Services

  • Commercial Litigation

  • In-House Counsel Support

  • Civil Litigation

  • Criminal Law

  • Estate Planning

  • Family Law

  • Military Law (UCMJ)

  • Personal Injury

  • Probate

  • Professional Trustee Services

  • Securities Disputes

Advocates for Justice

Let us introduce you to a genuinely different firm.


Our legal team is a small boutique law firm with a select group of legal professionals dedicated to handling your case. We are licensed in North Carolina and South Carolina and are headquartered in Charlotte, NC.


We have served clients in state and federal courts including appellate courts all the way up to the North Carolina, South Carolina, and United States Supreme Courts.


Because our primary focus is each client's personal and business goals, you can trust us to better grasp the intricacies of your legal matter and to work towards achieving client goals with greater pride and passion.

We offer exceptional quality legal services and unrivaled value by running our offices lean and efficiently. We know that our most important goal is to achieve the best possible results for our clients at the most economical cost. 

Please give us a call and we'll be happy to assist you with your legal needs. 


You are our most important client. 

Client Satisfaction is Priority

Our clients are dynamic and sophisticated and we reflect that in the way we challenge the conventional or accepted ways of working. We like to solve problems quickly. We fiercely guard our clients’ interests, recognizing the significant nexus between business affairs and personal affairs and how this affects our clients.

We appreciate the privilege of sitting alongside our clients as trusted advisors. Building strong personal connections to our clients and their businesses is important to us. It is for these reasons we say ‘It’s business. But it’s also personal.’ 


 Yes, it's business.
But, it's also personal.

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Brown & Associates, PLLC

Attorneys & Counselors at Law

Park South Professional Center

10440 Park Road, Suite 200,

Charlotte, NC 28210


Tel: 704-542-2525

Fax: 704-541-4751

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